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Experience seamless and reliable wireless communication with our high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions. Exchange real-time data reliably, even over long distances and under heavy interference.

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Value proposition

Our cutting-edge Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions ensure that your wireless applications achieve high-performance and efficiency, while saving you time and resources on development, testing, and optimization.

Maximize your BLE Performance

Optimize your communication with our expert services and our advanced BLE technology.

Unlock new BLE Capabilities

Unleash new possibilities and innovative features with our customized BLE solutions.


The ultimate solution to all of your
Bluetooth Low Energy problems

Our intelligent and patented optimization algorithms ensure that your BLE devices are always up and running and continuously operate at their best.
Highest Reliability
Our technologies improve communication reliability to over 99.9%, ensuring that none of your critical messages are lost, even under heavy interference and over long distances.
Full Interoperability
Our patented technology enables the exchange of messages across different wireless technologies, providing seamless connectivity for all your devices.
Real-Time Capability
Our solutions make sure that all your important messages arrive on time, even under harsh conditions, ensuring that your devices never miss a beat.
Long Battery Lifetime
Our technologies optimize energy consumption, allowing your devices to operate for months on small batteries, minimizing frequent battery replacements.
Increased Range
Our algorithms dynamically and autonomously adapt communication parameters, allowing you to operate your devices over greater distances, even on small batteries.
Higher Throughput
Our technologies allow you to boost the throughput of your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices while limiting unnecessary energy waste to boost battery lifetime.


Here is the range of our services that will help you with all your BLE needs

We create complex products, from the initial idea and formulation of product strategy, through building a prototype and testing it with users, right to the creation of the product itself.
Unleash the full potential of your wireless capabilities
Our expert consultants are here to help you achieve the best possible performance from your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices. We provide tailored solutions that meet your specific needs, including:
Selecting the right BLE platform and technology
Designing and implementing an efficient protocol based on BLE
Optimizing your existing BLE communication
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Automated Testing
Streamline your BLE testing
Our fully-automated testing services offer a fast and reliable way to test your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices in a wide range of different conditions, saving you time and resources on manual testing. Our services include:
Test in a wide range of real-world and custom scenarios
Perform tests faster than on the actual hardware
Save money on expensive testing setups and wireless protocol analyzers
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Streamline your BLE testing
Tailored high-performance firmware for your BLE devices
Our optimized firmware solutions provide you with the most reliable Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication available on the market, ensuring maximum performance and efficiency. Our services include:
Easy installation on existing and new BLE devices
Continuous adaptation of BLE parameters in real-time
Support for the latest BLE features
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Tailored high-performance firmware for your BLE devices


Industries we work for

Our solutions can be applied to many different use cases, including, but not limited to:
Industrial Automation
Wireless devices in industrial applications require reliable and real-time communication, even in the presence of heavy machinery and other wireless networks. Our technologies provide high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions to ensure reliable and uninterrupted communication, helping you achieve maximum productivity and efficiency while reducing costly downtime.
Medical Devices
To provide the best possible patient care, wireless medical devices must have reliable, real-time communication while sustaining a long battery life. Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) solutions enable seamless communication and optimal device performance while extending battery life, so that you reliably receive critical health metrics at the right time.
Smart Home
Wireless smart home devices require seamless connectivity and an optimal user experience. Our technologies allow your smart home devices to seamlessly connect to other devices over Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE). Our solutions will enable you to revolutionize your smart home capabilities, delivering the ultimate user experience and unlocking new possibilities for your connected devices.
Sport Tracking
In the sports industry, real-time data exchange over longer distances with direct smartphone interaction is essential for providing the best possible athlete experience. Our solutions enable direct smartphone interaction, ensuring that athletes and coaches have access to critical data in real-time, allowing them uninterrupted progress tracking, to make informed decisions and achieve maximum performance.
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