Automated Testing

Continuously monitor and optimize your BLE communication performance with our automated testing service, to ensure peak performance in the real world.

Optimized Firmware


Easily test the performance of your BLE communication with our automated testing service. Our wireless simulation environment allows for fully automated testing of various scenarios, ensuring best device performance.


Fully automated testing of your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices is just a mouse click away.

Automatically test your BLE devices in a vast number of different scenarios using our proprietary wireless communication simulator.
Comprehensive BLE testing
Our automated BLE testing solution offers a comprehensive testing experience in our proprietary wireless simulation environment, enabling you to achieve the highest quality standards for your wireless devices.
Test in a vast number of recorded real-world scenarios
Generate your own set of testing scenarios
Receive faster results than traditional testing methods
Realistic wireless simulation
Our wireless simulation environment accurately replicates real-world scenarios, providing a realistic testing environment for your BLE devices that allows regression tests of your BLE communication.
Test your BLE communication in different environments
Automatically find bottle necks in your communication
Receive detailed feedback on the performance of your devices
Realistiv Wireless
Cost-efficient alternative
Our automated BLE testing solution is a cost-efficient alternative to real-world experiments, enabling you to achieve reliable and high-performing wireless devices while reducing costs.
Save on expensive real-world testing setups and equipment
Test on large-scale networks without investing in new hardware
Speed up your development and time-to-market


Make sure that our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices deliver best performance in the real world

Using our proprietary wireless simulation environment, you can continuously test your BLE communication fully automatically to monitor and optimize their performance.
Vast number of real-world scenarios
Our automated testing environment comes with a vast number of real-world scenarios, such as crowded offices, sport stadiums or warehouses.
Full reproducibility
Using our automated testing, your BLE communication tests are fully reproducible and do not depend on manual test setup.
Fast feedback
Tests in our automated testing environment are executed faster than in the real hardware, providing you faster feedback than the real world.
Continuous performance monitoring
You can start your automated tests after every change in your code base. This way you can easily monitor the performance of your BLE devices.
Detailed logging
All logging output in out automated tests have the same notion of time. This provides you with more helpful logging to fix issues faster.
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