Medical Devices

Enhance your medical devices with our reliable and high-performance Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication solutions, ensuring real-time and secure data exchange.

Optimized Firmware


Our advanced BLE technologies enable you to push the limits of what's possible with wireless medical devices, unlocking new levels of care, efficiency, and patient safety.


Discover the features that make our BLE solutions the best for medical devices

Ensure the highest reliability and data throughput for your medical devices
with our industry-leading BLE technology.
Highest reliability
Our BLE-enabled medical devices achieve highest reliability by ensuring that critical data is successfully transmitted in real-time, even under heavy interference or congested wireless networks.
More than 99.9% communication reliability
Ensure real-time transmission of critical medical data
Resist heavy interference of nearby wireless networks
High data throughput
Our BLE technology achieves high data rates, even in areas with a lot of other wireless communication, ensuring that your medical devices can transmit large amounts of vital data quickly and efficiently.
High-speed data transmission of medical data
High throughput even in congested wireless networks
Real-time and secure data exchange for improved patient safety
Long battery lifetime
Our BLE technology optimizes energy consumption, allowing your medical devices to operate for months on small batteries, ensuring uninterrupted medical data transmission.
Longer battery life for uninterrupted medical data transmission
Reduced need for frequent battery replacements
Continuously monitor critical patient data

Key Benefits

Imagine your medical devices operating smoothly and reliably without needing cables

Our BLE solutions help you build new and innovative medical devices that significantly improve patient care and safety and help you deliver best medical care.
Highest Reliability
Our technologies help you to drastically increase the reliability of your BLE communication, reaching up to 99%, even in harsh environments.
Higher Throughput
Our technologies allow you to boost the throughput of your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices  while limiting unnecessary energy waste.
Real-Time Capability
We help you in making your medical devices real-time capable, so that you can reliably exchange time-critical data on time.


Use our wireless devices in your medical applications

Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies can improve your medical devices
and applications in a wide range of use cases.
Patient monitoring
Patient monitoring
Our BLE-enabled medical devices allow for real-time patient monitoring, ensuring timely intervention and treatment in case of medical emergencies.
Wearable medical devices
Our technologies enable devices that  transmit real-time medical data for remote patient monitoring, improving patient outcomes and reducing hospital visits.
Smart implants
Our BLE technologies allow for significantly better implants that have a longer battery lifetime and achieve better communication performance.
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