Industrial Automation

Transform your  operations with our industry-grade Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) communication solution, providing highly reliable time- and safety-critical data exchange.

Optimized Firmware


Our advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies enable you to push the limits of what's possible with industrial wireless networks and unlock new levels of productivity and efficiency.


Discover the features that takes your industrial production to the next level

Revolutionize your industrial applications with seamless wireless data exchange
that's just as reliable as wired connections.
Industry-grade reliability
Our BLE-enabled  devices achieve highest reliability by ensuring that more than 99.9% of messages are successfully exchanged, even under heavy interference from other wireless networks or heavy machinery.
Over 99.9% communication reliability
Ensure mission-critical data is successfully transmitted
Resist heavy interference or other wireless issues
Move beyond wires
Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies ensure that all your critical messages, such as alarms, control signals, and coordination messages, reach their destination in time.
Reliable delivery of critical messages
Faster and more flexible installation than traditional wired solutions
Increased mobility compared to wire-based communication
Seamless IoT connectivity
Our BLE technologies provide you with the tools to enhance your existing and new production lines, by allowing to seamlessly connect your industrial processes to the Internet of Things.
Boost performance with new monitoring and control features
Seamlessly connect industrial processes to the IoT
Enhance existing production lines with wireless capabilities

Key Benefits

Imagine your automated production operating smooth with top BLE protocols

Our BLE solutions help you build new and innovative industrial automation applications
that significantly boost your productivity.
Communicate in real-time
Our solutions make sure that all your important messages arrive on time, ensuring that your devices never miss a beat.
Cooperate with other networksbility
Our patented technology enables the exchange of messages across different wireless technologies, providing seamless connectivity for all devices.
Reliably exchange data
Our technologies improve communication reliability, ensuring that none of your messages are lost, even under harsh conditions.


Use our wireless devices in your industrial applications

Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies can improve your industrial automation
and control applications in a wide range of cases.
Robot coordination
Robot coordination
Our BLE technologies allow you to coordinate swarms of robots or drones in real-time so that they can cooperatively and reliably provide their services.
Asset tracking
Asset tracking
With our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices, you can track your equipment and assets to locate them and monitor their conditions.
Process monitoring
Add BLE devices to your industrial processes to monitor their metrics to make sure that your whole operation is running smoothly at optimal performance.
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