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Create the ultimate smart home experience with our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE)  solutions, providing seamless connectivity and enhanced user experience.

Optimized Firmware


Our advanced Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies enable you to push the limits of what's possible with smart home networks and unlock new levels of convenience and automation.


Discover the features that elevate your smart home to the next level

Revolutionize your smart home applications with seamless wireless data exchange that's just
as reliable as wired connections.
Seamless device integration
Our BLE technologies allow for easy integration of smart home devices due to our patented X-Burst technology that allows a fast device onboarding even across technology boundaries.
Easy integration of smart home devices
Patented exchange of messages across technology boundaries
Future-proof communication protocols
Seamless device integration
Enhanced user experience
Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies drastically reduce communication latencies, increase battery lifetime and enhance reliability, providing a superior smart home experience.
Reduced communication latencies for faster response times
Longer battery lifetime for less frequent battery replacements
Improved reliability for uninterrupted smart home automation
Enhanced user experience
Innovative applications
Our BLE technologies enable the development of innovative smart home applications that enhance automation and convenience in your smart home.
Development of innovative smart home applications
Increased convenience and automation in your home
Seamless connectivity across different technologies
Innovative applications

Key Benefits

Elevate your smart home with our industry-grade BLE solutions

Our BLE solutions help you build new and innovative smart home applications that significantly boost convenience and automation.
Fast message exchange
We help you in making your BLE communication fast, so that you can reliably exchange messages with minimal communication latency.
Cooperate with other networks
By using our patented X-Burst technology, your devices can collaborate with other existing wireless networks (e.g., Wi-Fi).
Reliably exchange data
Our technologies help you to drastically increase the reliability of your BLE communication, reaching up to 99%, even in harsh environments.


Use our wireless devices in your smart home applications

Our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies can improve your smart home automation
and control applications in a wide range of cases.
Smart lighting control
Smart lighting control
Our BLE technologies allow for easy integration of smart lighting control devices with a phone or voice assistant.
Smart appliances
Smart appliances
With our Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technologies, you can create best-in-class smart appliances for innovative use cases.
Home security and monitoring
Home security and monitoring
Add BLE devices to your home security and monitoring system to receive real-time alerts  for peace of mind.
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