Firmware Optimization

Drastically enhance the performance of your existing and new Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices with our revolutionary firmware solution.

Optimized Firmware


Our optimized firmware autonomously optimizes your BLE communication, so you can focus on what matters most - creating innovative products that push the limits of what's possible.


Effortlessly achieve highest BLE performance with our optimized Firmware

Unlock the full potential of your BLE devices with our optimized firmware.
Intelligent adaptation algorithms
Our optimized BLE firmware continuously monitors all aspect of your BLE communication and uses intelligent optimization algorithms to ensure that your devices consistently perform at their peak.
Immediately adapt to environmental changes
Continuously optimize BLE performance
Minimize unnecessary energy waste
Quick and easy installation
You can easily install our firmware on your existing or new BLE devices via a simple firmware upgrade to unlock completely new performance. A simple firmware upgrade significantly boosts your BLE capabilities.
Easy installation via firmware update
Boot the performance of already deployed devices
Use our optimizations without changing your existing code base
Communicate across technologies
Use our patented X-Burst technology to exchange data across technology boundaries and directly communicate with nearby Wi-Fi, Thread, or Zigbee devices.
Coordinate with other nearby wireless networks
Remove costly gateway devices
Directly share data across otherwise incompatible devices
Fully BLE standard compliant
Although our optimized BLE firmware achieves unparalleled performance, it is still fully compliant to BLE specification, making it fully interoperable with any other BLE device.
Seamless connectivity to other BLE devices
Directly interact with smartphones at best possible performance
Upgrade existing BLE systems without changing your code


Solve all your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) problems by installing our optimized firmware

Our intelligent and patented optimization algorithms ensure that your BLE devices
are always up and running and continuously operate at their best.
Highest Reliability
Our firmware continuously sustains a communication reliability of over 99.9%, ensuring that none of your critical messages are lost.
Full Interoperability
Our patented technology enables the exchange of messages across different wireless technologies, such as Wi-Fi, Thread, and Zigbee.
Real-Time Capability
Our firmware autonomously makes sure that all your important messages arrive on time, ensuring that your devices never miss a beat.
Long Battery Lifetime
Our firmware optimizes energy consumption, allowing your devices to operate for months or even years on small batteries.
Increased Range
Our firmware dynamically and continuously adapt communication parameters, allowing you to operate your devices over greater distances.
Higher Throughput
Our firmware boosts the throughput of your Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) devices while limiting unnecessary energy waste.
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